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Complexo Intergrado da Saúde

Integrated Health Complex

Edited by Carsten Land

Texts by Catherine Slessor, Luís Santiago Baptista, Axel Hinrich Murken, Manuel Salgado, Nuno Lourenço, Jorge Estriga, João Almeida, Inês Cruz, José Veludo, Leonor Cheis, José Lousan, José Prazeres Ferreira, Manuel Rhodes Mendonça and

Pedro Martins da Silva

Photography by Fernando Guerra

204 pages with 190 illustrations, 265x324 mm,

hard-cover, english / portugues

ISBN 978-3-00-032455-0

Euro 69,00


»This project is striking on many levels, but most notably in the way that it rationalises, dignifies and humanises a large and complex healthcare programme. Perhaps the best and most paradoxical epithet that any critic can offer is that the Hospital da

Luz doesn’t particularly look or feel like a hospital.

Rather, the architecture reconceptualises the notion what that might be, and then skilfully socialises this notion so that it becomes a built and experiential reality. And in doing so, another subtle shift is applied to the evolving continuum of the hospital as one of the modern era’s most fundamental yet elusive building types.«

Catherine Slessor